Taxi PDA M2M Data Only SIMs

M2M Security SIMS provide specialist M2M solutions to the taxi and private hire markets. We offer machine to machine (M2M) communication Data Plan packages for use on EVERY NETWORK in the United Kingdom, Europe, USA and globally.

Our M2M SIMs and Data Plans include a valuable range of services designed to simplify management of your data bill as well as to prevent unwanted bill shock from excess data charges. We provide airtime M2M SIM contracts to get your machines connected to GSM Networks for use of Data, SMS, GPRS, 3G, true fixed IP addressing and Global Roaming SIMs with real time SIM management.  The benefit is excellent coverage, data speeds and reliability.

Benefits of M2M to the taxi and private hire vehicle markets:

  • Reduce your fuel costs – increased efficiency with shorter journeys to jobs increases profits.
  • Increase your revenues – drivers can complete more jobs with less time spent travelling between jobs.
  • Improved customer service – faster response times due to drivers being allocated jobs closer to their actual location,  with the ability to update customers on the location of the vehicle allocated to their job.

Here are just some of the most popular taxi booking dispatch systems that our customer use with our M2M Data SIM only plans:

Who are M2M Security SIMs Ltd?

M2M Security SIMs  is a leading provider of secure, managed M2M mobile connectivity solutions to the taxi and private hire vehicle markets.  We work with leading providers of management systems for taxis and private hire vehicle companies, and offer a range of low cost Data SIM airtime connectivity plans to meet the needs of our customers.

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