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M2M Roaming Keeps Smart Cities Connected

M2M Roaming is important for Smart City services to remain connected as they obtain better network coverage, which is a key factor to main service levels for IoT applications such as;

  • Static Roaming requirement for IoT connected devices such as smart street lighting, remote smart monitoring or real-time monitoring of parking bays.
  • Dynamic IoT device applications such as smart traffic control and tracking of public transport vehicles that roam into another smart city require M2M roaming for tracking and resource management to maintain service levels.

Smart City IoT Device Deployments

For a municipality wanting to provide smart city services the JT M2M managed services solution delivers better network coverage to allow devices to stay connected.

The JT M2M roaming SIM cards enable IoT devices to obtain better network coverage that simply is not available to a local service-provider network that does not have national roaming agreements.

Smart city services can now remain connected with multi-network roaming M2M SIM cards (2G, 3G and 4G LTE data SIM), that allow static and dynamic IoT devices and applications to recognize one another and to trigger an action that will allow them to inter-operate.

Smart Cities can now stay connected with JT M2M Static IP SIMs

JT M2M are specialists in providing customers with strongest signal multi-network roaming M2M SIM cards (2G, 3G and 4G LTE data SIM) with a fixed private IP address. Using the JT Access Point Name (APN) we issue a fixed private IP address to each specific JT M2M SIM card, which ensures that IP address will never be changed with the Private IP Assignment system.

What we offer

Benefits of the JT IoT Platform
JT SIM Network Management platform provides real time data with deep network control and visibility, helping to remove significant cost and accessibility barriers, enabling deployment of connected M2M and IoT devices across any Smart City around the world.

To find out how to get connected please contact us to discuss the unique requirements of your business, so that we can develop your Smart City solution.

Please call +44 (0)1534 882 882 and ask for the M2M team or request a call back.

Find out more about JT M2M @ www.jtm2m.com

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