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Secure Wireless M2M Connectivity for Vending Machines

M2M Security SIMs connecting Wireless Vending Machines with Mult-Network Roaming M2M Data SIMs

M2M Security SIMs is a leading provider of secure, managed M2M mobile connectivity solutions to the Wireless Vending Machine markets. We work with leading vending telemetry solution providers, vending operators and vending machine manufactures to offer a range of low cost Data SIM airtime connectivity plans to meet the needs of our customers.

Why choose M2M Security SIM Cards for Wireless Vending Machines?

  • Highly Secure Transactions with M2M Security SIMs
  • Automatic connection to the strongest of five UK GPRS Networks.
  • No costly phone line required to connect to the bank, so perfect for fixed locations as well as mobile businesses .
  • Best UK and Global coverage for your Wireless Vending Machine, wherever you are!

Using M2M Vending Machines offers increased efficiency with schedule visits for replenishment when they’re needed, based on actual not estimated usage.

Reduced downtime is achieved with automated notification of failures, remote diagnostics to enable faster repair.  Also benefiting from streamlined processes with the creation of an automated audit trail of usage, cash taken.

Improved customer service due to the fact that M2M Vending Machines have greater uptime, with relevant stock; leading to increased revenues.

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M2M is changing the Next Generation Security Systems

During 2013 the Security market is set to see M2M  change the Next Generation Security Systems.  Already their has been a significant growth as M2M applications and solutions OEM’s and asset owners  with the ability to deploy products that can more effectively monitor, control and respond to security instances with real time functionality. With the M2M Security SIM integration there is… Continue Reading