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Get Fail-Safe Connectivity with Assured Resilience using M2M Fixed IP Data SIMs

M2M Fixed IP Data SIMs are now a popular choice for many businesses that depend on staying connected. M2M Security SIMS enables fail-safe connectivity with assured resilience with its global open roaming multi-network data SIMs.  The reason is simple-we solve the all too common issue, namely if the device and application are not connected to the network, they simply won’t work.

What is a Fixed Private IP 3G Data SIM?
Fixed Private IP 3G Data SIM Solution provides dependable two-way data communication between any device or any location.

How does it work?
Data is transmitted over the 3G mobile network using a special data SIM card which has been given a Fixed Private IP address (also known as a static IP address), which an assigned to the M2M SIM permanently. The advantage of a fixed IP address is that no matter how many times connection is lost from the network, the IP address remains the same – meaning that you have guaranteed seamless connectivity, and two-way communication that can be transmitted, either from the device, or from the server.

What are the benefits of using an M2M Fixed IP Data SIM?
The M2M fixed IP data SIM uses a Private APN which means the connection is real-time being transmitted on a private network with fail-sage connectivity and assured resilience. This results in providing a better, more reliable connections which is ideal for areas with limited access to the internet or the need to quickly deploy wireless connectivity.

M2M Fixed IP Data SIMs are ideal for:

  • Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)
  • CCTV remote access
  • Smart Metering
  • Telemetry applications
  • Digital Signage applications
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking

M2M Assured Resiliency
M2M Security SIMs provide all SIM form factors (2FF Plug-in SIM, 3FF Micro-SIM, 4FF Nano-SIM and MFF2 Chip-SIM) and all have superfluous code and settings removed.  There is no PLMN list, no Java apps, no steering apps, and everything on the SIM is minimized around an M2M operating system with the objective of allowing the device and the network to manage finding the strongest connectivity, not the SIM itself. The M2M network is geo-redundant, with a highly resilient architecture that supports the world’s largest financial institutions.

What makes M2M Fixed IP Data SIMs Different?
The M2M Fixed IP Data SIM is a open roaming multi-networks data only SIM and should not be confused with the dynamic IP SIMs available from mobile operators and retail outlets.  M2M Fixed IP SIMs use a Private APN which means data is not transmitted on the public internet, ensuring secure fail-safe connectivity with assured resilience.

M2M Security SIMs offers a range of Fixed IP 3G Data SIM tariffs and bundles that can be used by one or all of the SIMs during the monthly billing period, along with data pooling. This makes it an ideal back-up or ‘failover’ solution without the high costs associated with secondary failover services.

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