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3 IoT Trends to Watch during 2018

During 2018 there are three IoT trends to watch out for with ongoing adoption. These IoT trends are IoT security, business transformation lead by IoT and LPWAN.

IoT Security Products Increase Confidence

Security remains a top concern for companies adopting IoT technology. Hence, we will see the introduction of new IoT security products to help tackle security.

This will aid large IoT implementations, adding confidence and expertise. With more resources to tackle security concerns.

The use of IoT-enabled applications and devices assist in business confidence. Hence IoT security products will help to transform IoT during 2018.

Business Transformation Lead by IoT

With the adoption of IoT, companies are using it to transform their businesses. Installing IoT Systems gives companies a clear advantage over competitors. Especially when it comes to evolving digital capabilities.

These advantages include an increased marketplace with globalisation. New revenue streams and increases profit margins.

New Connectivity Methods Low-Power Wide Area Networks

During 2018, we will see the increased adoption of narrowband IoT Connectivity. Technologies such as low-power wide area networks (LPWAN) will open up new innovations.

LPWAN offers a low-cost method to increase network coverage. And to expand IoT connectivity to hard-to-reach places.

The open-standard that defines the communication protocol for LPWAN is LoRaWAN.

Using LoRaWAN is an excellent choice for IoT applications in dense location. These include cities or big buildings. Connecting smart lighting, smart grid and asset tracking.

Sensors and meters that use low power and small data, can use LPWAN for long-term monitoring. IoT applications include water metering, smart agriculture and remote door locks.

With the greater awareness of LPWAN, we will see even more growth in new IoT applications.

JT M2M 4G LTE Roaming Expands to France

In France, JT M2M has just launched 4G LTE roaming for M2M IoT SIMs. JT M2M has expanded its Global 4G LTE roaming service to France, with Multi Network data sim connectivity across Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom. France M2M IoT Solutions that benefit from 4G LTE roaming. In France M2M IoT solutions are being used in managing car fleets using fleet management solutions,… Continue Reading

USA Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare Market Benefits JT M2M Secure Connectivity Solutions

JT M2M have the solution for the growing demand for secure large scale accessible communication technology, thats affordable and provides resilient connectivity for the USA and Globally. The USA Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare market is seeing rapid growth due to the high level of R&D initiatives in IoT, improved sophisticated healthcare infrastructure, medical devices and… Continue Reading

JT M2M SIMs easy migration path from 2G to LTE for the US IoT

JT M2M SIMs open roaming agreements with T-MOBILE USA, INC allows for an easy path from 2G to LTE for IoT. With access to T-Mobile US modified version of it;s 2G network called 2G-M2M, we can maintain IoT solutions through 2020, allowinh existing 2G devices to operate and enables the continued growth  of the US 4G LTE network. The JT… Continue Reading

Internet of Things Solutions for US Enterprises

M2M Security SIMs offers US enterprise IoT customers with network management real time data control that power the Internet of Things. US enterprises are now experiencing the real benefits of the JT M2M NOMAD SIM Network Management platform that provides real time data with deep network control and visibility. The IoT SIM Network Management platform allows you… Continue Reading

The Benefits of Private APN for IoT M2M Security

Security for IoT/M2M End User Devices using a Private APN A private APN (Access Point Name), is a point of entry onto an IP network for a mobile device.  Private APNs enables you and your staff to connect to the corporate network simply and securely through a range of devices, which are used to capture all 2G/3G/4G mobile data… Continue Reading

Why Cellular Technology is Connecting the Internet of Things

So why is Cellular Technology the fastest growing method for connectivity Internet of Things? It is simlpy because Cellular coverage is nearly everywhere. A recent ITU report suggests that the total number of global mobile subscriptions is approximately 6.8 billion – nearly the same as the estimated world population. Cellular is being widely adopted for use in… Continue Reading

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