Stay Compliant with M2M Solar Panel Monitoring and Control

Stay Compliant with M2M Solar Panel Monitoring and Control

Now with the M2M Secuity SIM you have advanced and affordable wireless monitoring of domestic and commercial solar panels,  providing information on electricity generation and individual panel management
wireless monitoring and control system solution for solar panel installations that will allow individual panel parameter tracking and control.

New upcoming legal requirements require that solar panels can be individually switched off in case of calamities, as high DC voltages from a string of panels on a rooftop can cause danger for emergency services or fire responders.  This means solar panel builders will need to comply with these new legal requirements with the use of wireless Smart Junction Boxes on every individual panel, up to the minute status information on electricity generation of each panel can be provided and allows the operator to switch off individual panels or panel substrings for optimized overall solar panel system performance. Performance metrics enable system owners and service provider to actually monitor the condition of the solar panels in order to properly schedule maintenance and cleaning.

The data collected from each individual panel can also be shown in a configurable GUI software application. When a problem in the solar panel system occurs, performance gradually declines or suddenly drops, remote diagnosis and controlling via a mobile App on smart phone can be one of the use cases.

M2M Security SIMs provides M2M SIM cards with a range of cost effective data plans that are now required in the next generation solar panel monitoring and controlling systems that are legally compliant.

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