Roaming SIM card for automatic smart meter reading

More than 26 million British homes will have new smart meters devices installed to monitor gas and electricity usage by the end of 2020.

Just like a mobile phone smart meters use a SIM card to enable communication with the utility company for accurate automatic meter readings.

Not all UK homes have good mobile coverage and signal strength can vary depending on network location. When this happens customers often complain that their smart meter isn’t transmitting readings.

How to keep Smart meters connected

In the United Kingdom, JT M2M can offer machine to machine roaming SIM solutions for smart meters used by electricity and gas providers.

JT M2M service for smart meters allows energy companies to read smart meters remotely through multi-network roaming mobile connection.

Smart meters installed with JT M2M SIMs are programmed with a secure private APN that enables the smart meter to connect to the strongest mobile network signal in its location.

Because JT M2M offers a resilient mobile data connection using its Managed WAN service, customer’s smart meters can be read several times a day to supply accurate meter readings.

Find out how to get connected please contact us to discuss the unique requirements of your business, so that we can develop your roaming SIM solution.

Please call +44 (0)1534 882 882 and ask for the M2M team or request a call back.

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