Retail & Payment

Retail Applications and Wireless M2M.

M2M Security SIMs now being used in the vending, parking, ticketing, ATM and POS terminal markets.   We provide our customers with access to a wide range of M2M Data tariff plans that are ideally suited for M2M devices.  Our online portal enables you to manage all SIM cards at one time.

M2M SIM Card Services

  • Data security Products and services in the Retail & Payment segment deal with highly sensitive financial or even fiscal data.  Our M2M SIMs are especially designed for optimal secure connectivity solutions that address all security concerns.
  • Taylor-Made Unique APN creation designed around your security requirements.
  • Fixed IP SIM Cards that come with cost effective Data Plans
  • Reporting Daily CDRs are provide via our secure portal so you can manage your M2M Security SIMs usage.
  • Quality of service Data transmission of data needs to be insured any time, at any location.  Agreements with multiple network operators in one country ensure highest coverage possible per country.
  • Global roaming data costs at low cost – or even fixed rate.
  • Global network coverage with over 500 roaming relationships globally with GSM networks.

There are nearly 80 million POS terminals, ATMs, vending machines, parking meters and fare collection devices worldwide.  M2M Security SIMs enables devices such as POS terminals and ATMs to be used at new locations where fixed line connectivity is unavailable or impractical. The technology has enabled markets such as vending and parking, where machine operators need to reorganize their operations in order to benefit from the availability of real-time information.

Wireless connectivity has become a very popular option for POS terminals, along with ATMs that are now connected to cellular networks.  Wireless M2M is especially relevant for ATMs installed at off-site locations as it offers greater flexibility, shorter deployment times and competitive connectivity fees compared to fixed line alternatives.

The next emerging market for Wireless M2M is vending machine telemetry.

The parking industry has been one of the earliest adopters of M2M communication technology and connectivity will eventually be incorporated in all parking meters. Cellular connectivity is incorporated in fare collection devices, such as on-board ticket vending machines, stationary vending machines and handheld ticket sales terminals.

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