Remote Monitoring Systems using CSD

Access your Systems from anywhere in the World with Remote Monitoring System that use M2M SIMs enabled with CSD (Circuit Switched Data) that offer reliable, secure and stable data connections.

Remote monitoring refers to being able to access a monitoring system without being near the monitoring products in person. To remotely access the monitoring system, you need to have Remote Monitoring products, software and M2M SIM card with CSD enabled so that you to tap into the data information being monitored for any location.

The obvious advantages of Remote Monitoring Systems are that you don’t have to be on site to browse the information gathered by the sensory equipment.  Because of this Remote Monitoring Systems have proved popular for a whole range of applications that require parameters monitored.

Remote Monitoring Systems are also able to send alerts when the monitoring sensors collect data that has reached a critical level.

Benefits of a Remote Monitoring System

  • You can send alerts are that you don’t have to be physically checking the monitoring system in person
  • Other duties can be performed away from the monitoring system.
  • If your attention is required because the sensors have monitored a limit exceeding change, you will be informed by the system with an alert.

There are a wide range of solutions that allow you to monitor and control your environment.  Be it Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Current Loop, Water/Flood Detection, Light or Carbon Monoxide.   By utilising “technology-on-the-go” with the aid of your iPhone or Blackberry (remote monitoring) we can now view a local environment in real time from anywhere in the world, just by using the GSM network withCSD (Circuit Switched Data) enabled , along with GPRS/3G/SMS.

What makes M2M CSD different to other CSD services available?
Our M2M CSD SIM Cards are Multi-Network Roaming SIMs that connect and operate on all networks throughout the UK.  This gives  you excellent network coverage, secure and stable data connections that are reliable.

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