M2M CSD Offers Reliable, Secure and Stable Data Connections

M2M CSD (Circuit Switched Data) offers reliable, secure and stable data connections for many industries from Oil and Gas, to Utilities and Power Generation for data acquisition, remote monitoring and metering and security.

While many data options exist, few can claim to have a good track record of providing you with a reliable connection, M2M Security SIMs has been providing a stable mobile data connection to its subscribers virtually since the day our network went live.

M2M CSD: Circuit Switched Data
Circuit Switched Data, often referred to as CSD, is the original form of data transmission developed for TDMA-based mobile phone systems like GSM.  CSD is commonly used in the UK for early smart metering deployments and as such there are no real plans to decommision or remove access to this part of the 2G network.

CSD uses a single radio time slot to deliver extremely reliable speeds of 9.6kbits/second data transmission to the GSM Network and Switching Subsystem where it could be connected through the equivalent of a normal modem to the PSTN allowing direct calls to any dial up service.

The Tech-Heads Mechanics of CSD
CSD call is similar to a normal voice call in a GSM network. A single dedicated radio time slot is allocated between the phone and the base station. A dedicated “sub-time slot” (16 kbit/s) is allocated from the base station to the transcoder, and finally another time slot (64 kbit/s) is allocated from the transcoder to the Mobile Switching Centre (MSC).

At the MSC, it is possible to use a modem to convert to an “analog” signal, though this will typically actually be encoded as a digital PCM signal when sent from the MSC. It is also possible to directly use the digital signal as an ISDN data signal and feed it into the equivalent of a remote access server.

Which Countries can the M2M CSD service be used?
In the UK CSD is available with all of the mobile networks but may require activation by the networks customer service team.  On placing your Airtime Application order with M2M security SIMs you will need to request activation of CSD is this is required with you M2M SIM Data Plan.

What makes M2M CSD different to other CSD services available?
Our M2M CSD SIM Cards are Multi-Network Roaming SIMs that connect and operate on all networks throughout the UK.  This gives  you excellent network coverage, secure and stable data connections that are reliable.

There are two scenarios for CSD: SIM to Server and Server to SIM.  Disregard whether it’s a landline or a mobile line.

SIM to Server is called MO (Mobile Originated)
Server to SIM is called MT (Mobile Terminated)

UK M2M SIM Only 2MB Data Plan with CSD enabled on Multi-Network Roaming

Our UK M2M SIM Only 2MB Data Plan are for use ON EVERY NETWORK in UK. Designed to deliver IP communications for machine to machine connectivity, giving you excellent UK coverage, data speeds and reliability.

All our M2M SIM Only 2MB Data Plans are based on a 12 month contract, a one time £4.50 M2M SIM  Card Cost plus a £2.05 per month data plan rental.

Plan Includes.
M2M SIM Card: £4.50 one time
UK 2MB Data Plan: £2.05 a month*
Contract Length: 12 month
Monthly Data Allowance: 2MB

Other Charges.
Data Usage (out of bundle): £1.50/MB
SMS outgoing (MO): £0.15p
SMS incoming (MT): Free
_______ CSD outgoing (MO): 80p per minute
CSD incoming (MT): 30p per minute

If you have one of our SIMs call another of our SIMs, the total cost will be £1.10/minute (MO + MT).

Prices and the supply of M2M SIMs are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

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