Patient Tracking Systems

With the application of M2M Healthcare, Alzheimer’s and Autism patients are currently benefiting from patient tracking system technology, helping to combat the high costs of serious disease and helps to improve the quality of the patient’s heath.

M2M Healthcare solutions enable patient tracking systems to keep an eye on an Alzheimer and Autism patient’s location. Portable, wearable, and even implantable devices can deliver data to healthcare providers – real-time information that sometimes makes the difference between life and death in heart failure, diabetic comas and other serious illnesses.

Tracking devices use satellite technology to help trace someone who has gone missing. A person’s location can be viewed on a computer or mobile phone. Most devices have the facility for the person carrying the device to press a panic button if they get lost.

Research suggests that tracking devices give both people with dementia and carers an enhanced sense of independence and help carers feel more reassured. The Alzheimer’s Society released it’s position statement on Safer Walking Technology that uses tracking, click here to find out more.

There are many benefits for Doctors such as early notification in emergencies, constant access to patient data and automated alerts.  Patients also benefit from M2M Heathcare with faster help in emergencies and an increased chance of a full recovery due to quick response.  This gives patients the needed peace of mind a higher quality of life.

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