M2M SMART 3G CCTV Camera Surveillance

The future in 3G CCTV is here

Remote surveillance has now become an essential feature with modern CCTV security systems that include software and hardware components to collect and transmit clips recorded to the control room.  CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television Camera that transmits audio and video signals to the control room by wireless or wired network.

3G CCTV cameras are the latest in wireless security cameras systems, that have the capability of connecting to local 3G network and transmits live video remotely to users smart phone and your control centre.   You are now able to track your security system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The benefits of M2M SMART 3G CCTV Camera Surveillance

The 3G CCTV camera has been designed for those people who are constantly away from their home for pleasure or business purposes.   By installing 3G CCTV camera’s in their home and keep on tracking their home via SMART phone. The 3G CCTV alert system is capable of sending messages to your mobile phone when it detects any motion activity in your home.

Enhanced Security Features of 3G CCTV Cameras

3G CCTV camera enhanced features include notification on mobile phone by voice call, video call or message. A platform is provided to manage home or office security system by mobile phone. A user can connect a number of wireless sensors such as;

  • smoke sensor
  • door magnet
  • pir sensor
  • gas sensor
  • heat sensor

3G CCTV security systems include 2 remote controls including manual operation and panic button to provide high profile security.

3G with Fixed IP SIM Cards

M2M Security Sims have developed a new range of 3G data sim cards that have enhanced security features for use with 3G CCTV Cameras.  The M2M Security SIMS give the best signal quality and been designed for growing security video transmission in market place.

The UK mobile networks provide dynamic, private IP address assignments to 3G devices which in most cases are perfectly adequate for home and general business use.  M2M Security Sims supply fixed IP SIM cards with public IP address assignments, where your application requires it.

Fixed IP SIM high usage Tariffs

M2M Security Sims supply a fixed IP SIM starting with just 1GB data allowance provided on the fast and robust Vodafone network. Other tariffs include 3GB, 5GB, 10GB and 20GB options.

Low Data Usage Tariffs

Low data usage tariffs provide cost effective 3G connectivity where typical monthly data usage does not exceed 10MB per month per SIM.  With monthly bundled data starting at just 1MB per SIM and options for static or dynamic IP addresses.

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