M2M SIM Cards designed for GPRS/GSM enabled Wireless Data Logger

M2M Security SIMs have designed a Data SIM card for GPRS/GSM enabled Wireless Data Loggers.

GPRS/GSM enabled Wireless Data Loggers such as Wireless SCADA is a M2M (Machine 2 Machine) remote wireless data logger for industrial & process automation.  These Data Loggers require M2M SIM cards to transmit data over the wireless networks.

There are now many ranges of remote data loggers available from Softbit, for wireless industrial & process automation. These wireless remote data loggers can be used for real time online data acquisition, monitoring & control of remotely installed electrical systems, HT/LT electric motors, HV/LV transformers, generators, HT/LT distribution panels, boilers or any electrical machine & system.

The remote data logger is also called RTU – Remote Terminal Unit. A few examples where a RTU M2M GPRS Wireless Data Logger can be used for:

  • Remote Data Collection to know the state of machines
  • AMR – Automatic Meter Reading (HT/LT meter reading through RS485/RS232
  • Remote control  remote management
  • Telemetry  collecting data through sensors, measurements in real time,
  • Wireless in medical field & healthcare
  • Remote monitoring, access control, management of alarms, emergency services

To enable the remote data logger (RTU) to start communicating and sending data they will require an M2M SIM card that has a low usage Data Plan.

An M2M Security SIM looks exactly the same as a standard SIM card but differs in a number of very important ways. Firstly an M2M Security SIM is a SIM card that’s been designed specifically to transmit data. Unlike a standard SIM card, M2M Security SIM is not designed to transmit voice so can’t be used in a mobile handset to make voice calls.

The M2M SIM is designed to be used in a device or terminal.  The SIM may sit in some data logging equipment on a wind farm for example, or it may be built into pipeline monitoring equipment in the oil and gas industry.

The real difference however is in the type of service that you get from an M2M SIM.  Unlike many traditional SIMs, M2M SIMs tend to be used on a contract, not a “pay as you go” basis.  M2M Security SIMs have created a data package that’s designed specifically to meet the needs of individual users. These needs can be very specific, such as the  required to dial out, or send an SMS once every hour or once every week.

An M2M Security SIM service is designed to cater to this kind of very detailed requirement and will be configured to provide precise amounts of data and to send that data to a central location.

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