M2M Security SIMs Solves the Problem of Universal M2M Network Coverage

The machine-to-machine (M2M) market offers huge growth opportunities and revenue-generating possibilities that have traditionally has been hindered by lack of global network coverage and high roaming costs.

Matt Stockhill, head of the new Business Development at M2M Security SIMs, pointed out that the M2M market has “huge growth potential”. Citing a study by Machina Research, the number of total connected devices is expected to grow from 5 billion in 2014 to 27 billion in 2024, a CAGR of 18%.

M2M Security SIMs has solved the problem of Universal M2M Network Coverage at a low cost, which now opens the doors to huge growth opportunities to ensure connectivity across geographies.

Global M2M Network Coverage Now Available.
M2M Security SIMs is an independent MVNO that specialises in M2M (Machine to Machine) Global Open Roaming Solutions with Strongest Signal Multi-Network Connectivity.

We deliver flexible and resilient data connectivity to 2G, 3G networks and 4G LTE fulfilment and assure model across SMS, USSD and GPRS technologies that allows vertical markets to connect remote devices and appliances across multiple jurisdictions.

Our M2M SIM Cards + Data Plans include a range of services designed to make Machine to Machine airtime connectivity made simple. Services include IMSI range use, customer specific GGSN access point build, IMSI steering, AAA services and fully managed fixed IP dependable secure two-way communication for Fixed IP Data SIM Cards.

M2M Security SIMs has over 500 roaming agreements that allow a worldwide service and in many countries offer a best network coverage option for M2M providers.  Get your M2M Application Globally Connected with our GLOBAL M2M Network Coverage.

This week M2M Security SIMs launched its low cost regional M2M Data SIM network coverage offerings, view below geographies that offer multiple network coverage per country;

Combined with our Secure Fixed IP Data SIM Solution that provides dependable secure two-way communication between any device and any location. The M2M Multi Network strongest signal fixed IP SIMs are rapidly becoming the first choice for businesses that depend of staying connected anywhere in the UK, Europe, USA and Globally.

Find out more about us on our eBrochure – Click here for free download

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