M2M Security SIMs Introduce a Friend Promotion

M2M Security SIMs Ltd highly values and rewards its customer loyalty and continued business. We have therefore launched a referral program in order to show our appreciation to our customers and reward them for any additional business that they introduce to us.

What happens next?

  • We will contact your friend by email
  • Within 2 days, we will follow this up with an introductory telephone call
  • If your friend becomes a M2M Security SIMs customer with a minimum of 10 SIM cards within 90 days of account opening, you will each receive £1.00 for every SIM card in billable state.
  • There is no limit to the number of friends you may introduce or how many SIMs can be connected.

Your data: M2M Security SIMs Ltd use secure servers to process and store electronically the information you provide above. Your information will be protected in accordance with data protection legislation as well as a strict code of secrecy and security, their staff and any third parties are subject to and will only be used in accordance with our instructions, regardless of whether your information is processed inside or outside the European Economic Area. Please note that calls may be recorded as part of our ongoing review of service quality.


Terms and Conditions

Qualifying Criteria mean you must be an M2M Security SIMs Ltd customer and your recommended friend must
successfully open an M2M Security SIMs account with us by 31 December 2015 and meet our M2M Security SIMs criteria (Activated number of SIM cards in billable state of 10 SIMs) within 90 days of account opening. We must receive your recommended friend’s M2M Security SIMs account application and all necessary supporting paperwork by 31 December 2015.

Incentive means a connection bonus of £1.00 cash  per SIM card activated in billable status from your friends account. For example your friend connect 100 SIM cards, we will pay you £100 cash payment.

Offer Terms means the terms stipulated below.

Offer Period means by 31 December 2015.

We, Us, Our or Ours means M2M Security SIMs Ltd.

You or Your means an existing M2M Security SIMs customer.

These Offer Terms are between you, us and your recommended friend and apply in addition to our M2M Airtime
Terms of Conditions.

1. Existing Customers
1.1 This offer applies to those customers who currently hold an M2M Security SIMs account with us.
1.2 The incentive will be paid to you by us within 30 days after the Qualifying Criteria have been met for one
calendar month.
1.3 There is no limit to the number of friends that may be introduced; however, if we feel any customer is abusing
this scheme, we reserve the right not to pay the incentive.

2. Recommended Customers
2.1 The recommended customer must send in a completed Introduce a Friend Acceptance Form with their completed application form and supporting paperwork.
2.2 The recommended customer must meet our Qualifying Criteria for at least one calendar month for
you will receive the reward.

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