M2M Security SIMs Delivering IoT Services European Smart Utility Sector

M2M Security SIMs is leading the way in delivering IoT services to the European Smart Utility Sector with it’s global open roaming multi network machine-to-machine technologies and service delivery. The reason is simple – if the device and application are not connected to the network, they simply won’t work.

M2M Security SIMs have built a M2M SIM service that solves the problems of network dependence and data signal loss, which is the key factor in making your M2M service work. Mobile networks do fail, sometimes for extended periods. With Multi Network Roaming SIMs you can future-proof your M2M deployments through our no network steering or PLMN list to confuse M2M devices.

Straightforward and competitive pricing models are helping the European Smart Utility Sector to reduce overall cost and pass down savings to its customers and free of charge access to live data using the M2M SIM Management Portal.

The Smart Utility Sector can now manage their entire SIM estate – across ALL Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and countries, all controlled across M2M SIM Management Portal customer dashboard that has been designed to empower users to manage entire multi-network SIM estates from one simple to use and intuitive portal.

Main Features:
• Activate and suspend SIM cards.
• Monitor and view advanced information live from the SIM across all Mobile Network Operators.
• Control over entire SIM estate to add custom fields, browse, filter and search.
• Reporting that allows you to export to XML tables from the platform for more visibility, better analysis of performance.
• Manage Billing with view and download invoicing, drill down to analyse usage, detailed reporting and order more SIMs online.

Value Added Services:
• Update Location HLR self-diagnostic tool to reboot SIM and restart roaming.
• Free SMS tool that’s simple to use multiple network SMS sending to M2M SIMs, for messaging and set up AT commands to modem.
• Mapping services enable to track location of SIMs.
• Real-time usage visibility and usage alerts available with Watchdog. Instantaneous data activity reporting plus integrated alerts and data usage capping on a SIM by SIM basis.
• Aggregation management view real-time aggregated data across pooled data plans.
• Add your own data/identifiers to your SIMs via custom fields, making your SIM estate entirely recognisable to your operation.
• Order new SIMs to add to your SIM estate online.
• Full APIs available to allow integrate with your own systems

Find out how M2M Security SIMs  can help you with your needs for M2M SIM technology. Call us today 01344 388002 or email sales@m2msecuritysims.com

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