M2M makes the Smart Grid smart

M2M technology is what makes the “Smart Grid” smart.  So how does Smart Grid work?  Well they include devices such as smart meters and M2M Fixed Private IP with VPN wireless technology. This two way communication allows information to flow back and forth between the utility and customer almost instantly.

The benefits of M2M technology include the significant contributor to the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG). “According to research conducted by several industry organizations and NGOs, growth in ICT and M2M has the potential to enable efficiency gains throughout the global economy that could yield GHG emissions reductions of up to 9.1 gigatons Gt CO2e by 2020,”   This is a remarkable figure because the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that the world needs to reduce GHG emissions by 5-7Gt CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) by 2020 in order to meet the global temperature increase goal of no more than 2°C.

M2M Security SIMs is revolutionizing the energy industry, and helping reduce CO2 emissions. This is because the smart grid’s instant information flow means energy conserving decisions can be made quickly both by connected devices and the people operating them.

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