M2M gets Smart Vending Machines Talking

Future smart vending machine go online with JT M2M SIMs

There is now a large market for Internet-connected vending machines.  The core purpose is to analyze in real-time the content of each machine and plan optimally the refill of items depending on various conditions (from sales, to events nearby, to weather).

Vending machines provide companies with increased exposure of their products to the marketplace.  Machine to Machine SIMs connect Smart vending machines with secure data airtime over the wireless networks.  This allows companies to monitor, control, and maintain their offsite assets “anytime, anywhere”.

Another  feature that Smart Vending machines is the ability for thee client to setup pre-paid, online accounts with consumers that enable “cashless, cardless” transactions. Users simply punch in their account codes using the keypads on the vending machine – no need to carry cash or cards. Parent can even control the spending of their kids and not have to worry about lost or stolen money.

The Internet Coke Machine is an internet-connected vending machine that allows customers to check the availability status of soda remotely using a finger interface. According to various sources, Internet Coke Machine is widely considered one of the very first Internet appliances.

The Coca-Cola is investing in a new range of machines that it expects will transform its business by offering instant marketing feedback and trends, and there may be something for every industry to learn.

The biggest benefit is that at every touch of the button Coca-Cola are logging the way customers are thinking and by following trends can better plan future flavours, products etc. It also serves as a perfect way for Coke to test out new flavour ideas literally in the market.

Machines equipped with wireless, Web-based monitoring systems are not only helping sell more but also helps to stop thieves.   M2M Security SIMs are designed to get vending machines talking on ON EVERY WIRELESS NETWORK. Designed to deliver IP communications for machine to machine connectivity, giving you excellent coverage, data speeds and reliability.

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