M2M enabled solar-powered water pumps

Manufacturers of solar pumps and solar tracking systems are now taking advantage of M2M Global SIM cards with strongest GPRS signal multi-network roaming.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology is about enabling the transfer of data between machines. With the help of a module operating through a communications network, the data is collected, evaluated and if necessary, a response is triggered. M2M allows for remote monitoring, maintenance and controlling of devices.

In the majority of developing countries most people still lack access to electricity and clean water.  M2M Security SIMs combined with Lorentz  the Manufacturers of solar pumps and solar tracking systems has the power to improve the standard of living of millions by providing safe clean drinking water.

M2M enabled solar-powered water pumps provides safe drinking water to small communities thanks to a combination of M2M remote monitoring in the pump unit by Lorentz and M2M Security SIMs Global Resilience M2M Network.   Lorentz bring affordable solar energy solutions to off-grid low-income populations made possible by GSM modules that use M2M Security SIMs . Such energy solutions means off-grid populations are less dependent on expensive and harmful energy sources such as kerosene, candles and disposable batteries.

M2M is helping  to play of major part in delivering improved access to basic services to the poor.

For more information how M2M can benefit your offering please email: sales@m2msecuritysims.com  or telephone (from outside the UK): +44 118 9121088

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