M2M Benefits

It’s getting more common every day to see remote assets that are monitored, controlled, or enhanced in some way by machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technology. JT M2M’s core value proposition, centers around cost savings, improving efficiency, increasing revenue opportunities, and supporting industry-specific initiatives.

No matter how you apply M2M technology, the concept is the same-enabling real-time data communication between remote machines and central management applications to enhance the value of the remote device to its user. The real growth trend lies within embedded cellular M2M, which enables rapid and secure data transfer via GSM, UMTS, or CDMA networks.

The possibilities are endless in terms of what new innovative devices and applications can be developed that leverage M2M technology. Historically, M2M has focused on vertical market applications, like fleet management, remote monitoring, and utility meter reading. However, emerging applications such as pay-as-you-drive auto insurance, Smart Grid automation, e-readers, and connected personal navigation devices (PNDs) are driving innovation and growth within M2M.

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