JT addresses unique network needs of Internet of Things with LoRa

JT has announced it is addressing the unique network needs of the Internet of Things by investing in the build of its Long Range (LoRa) Wide Area Network.

The benefit of LoRa technology is that it is uses extremely low transmit power levels to allow devices to access the internet and can achieve many of the requirements for long battery life that IoT devices require.

Internet of Things devices often require access to low power and long range wireless networks. With the new JT smart wireless network LoRa, it will use the unlicensed spectrum below 1GHz, along with a form of direct sequence spread spectrum modulation that provides signal detection below the noise level.

Tom Noel, Managing Director of JT Wholesale, said:

“LoRa is a relatively new technology but its potential in the IoT space is already considerable. IoT will fundamentally change how we live, work and do business. By building this network, and taking an open, collaborative approach, with Digital Jersey and others, we truly explore the potential of a LoRa network, and ultimately help our customers to engage with this exciting new world of IoT technologies.”

JT M2M NOMAD Platform supporting long range wireless IoT with LoRa

JT M2M IoT NOMAD platform provides deep network control and insight of the customers’ SIM estate, and it will also support LoRa for Long Range Wireless IoT.

This is all good news for OEMs and service providers as LoRa offers new possibilities to provide end-to-end IoT solutions for globally markets. Early adopters LoRa solutions can provide significant cost savings, efficiencies and new business insights that will allow them to gain a competitive advantage.

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Find out more about JT M2M @ www.jtm2m.com

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