IP GPRS Based Alarm Signalling System

The IP GPRS Based Alarm Signalling System has now taken a foothold in replacing the costly BT Red Care transmission unit.   IP GPRS Based Alarm Signalling System have a better specification and with the added bonus of being substantially cheaper than BT Red Care and its competitors to purchase, monitor and service.

How Does IP GPRS Based Alarm Signalling System Work?

The technology sends alarm signals and information over a Multi-Network Roaming IP SIM card that uses the FOUR GPRS networks in the UK, allowing the alarm system to continue protecting your property.   The IP module and GSM module are not bridged so there is no risk of your network being breached via the GSM connection.

As the system is plug and play it can operate on the GPRS module until the unit has had a IP address assigned. This route is often used by property companies that don’t have broadband or phone lines active in a dormant building but still require a monitored system.

Why is IP GPRS Based Alarm Signalling System Superior to BT Red Care?

The unit has 16 pins compared to the BT Red Care unit that only has 8-10 pins. This allows the unit the capacity to monitor additional change of state sensors such as, Temperature (for server rooms), Pressure (For boiler houses) etc.

The system supports remote servicing and access using the IP SIM Cards, which means engineers can remotely service the alarm system remotely, hence reducing the cost of servicing the alarm. This feature is also useful for cutting costly out of hours alarm call outs.

IP GPRS Based Alarm Signalling System are delivered pre-configured with a IP SIM card that works on all networks and a module that catches existing alarm transmissions, and convert those to a format that can be transmitted with IP/GPRS.

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