IoT Smart Farming Solutions Increase Food Production

The UN predicts food production must double by 2050 to meet demand from World’s growing population with innovative strategies required to combat hunger. UN Panel Discussion Addresses ‘New Cooperation for Global Food Security

IoT Smart Farming solutions are now being deployed to help increase food production, these include;

  • IoT precision farming is where everything is produced at the most efficient level possible, tracked, and traced to its destination.  Using data collected from sensors on livestock and crops means yields can be better controlled and predicted.
  • IoT drip watering uses smart soil analysis and watering system that can help farmers grow better and more plentiful crops while saving significant amounts of water in the process.
  • IoT Smart Urban farming is becoming a viable way to address the growing food demands of metropolitan centers.  Using IoT analytics solutions, sensors and positioning technologies, it has the potential to increase agricultural production and provide a growing urban population with fresher produce.
  • IoT soil monitoring provides real-time situation on the soil moisture from all sensors in the field, along with other sensors used to measure temperature, CO2, acidity, luminosit.  With precise information farmers can make correct decisions on the how much water required for the irrigation of the field.

JT M2M can help IoT Smart Agriculture Solution Stay Connected.

As a Global SIM Tier 1 communications provider, JT M2M helps IoT Smart Agriculture solutions to stay connected around the world using it’s M2M roaming SIMs that are not tied to any single network and will roam between multiple networks to maintain the data connection.

Key Benefits of M2M Roaming:

• Global M2M roaming data SIMs ensure better coverage
• One SIM card that connects to 600 direct roaming partners helping to provide the best m2m wireless solution
• IoT platform that supports LoRa with real time data SIM network management with deep network control and visibility
• Detect faults faster and eliminate downtime
• Respond quicker and more efficiently
• Enabling Static IP onto your M2M roaming SIMs for secure two-way connectivity with IP VPN
• Fixed Public IP SIMs that allows users to connect IoT devices from anywhere without a VPN

Whatever your M2M wireless applications may be, our M2M solution will transform your security, surveillance, billing and servicing requirements.

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