IoT SIM Connectivity Trial Kit

Get total access to the Nomad IoT Platform with all JT IoT SIM Connectivity Trial Kits

JT M2M offer trials IoT SIM cards to enable you to test them with your hardware and firmware before entering into a contract.

The JT IoT SIM Trial kit includes IoT SIM cards, access to our data IoT connectivity services, and access to state of the art Nomad IoT Platform.

The Benefits of IoT SIM Trials

  • We offer a range of data packages:  Geographic location and your application data usage requirement
  • Full access to our Nomad IoT Platform: This lets you test the functionality of our intuitive online IoT SIM management platform as you test the IoT Data SIMs
  • Customer Support: Our customer support  team of M2M experts are here to help and advise you with your own particular trial.  Just tell us what you are trying to do.

Once you have completed your trial we can setup your connectivity service specifically designed for your IoT needs with one agreement that has no hidden fees or extra roaming charges.


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