GSM / GPRS SIM Cards for GSM Smart Meters

Smart Metering products that use GSM / GPRS SIM Cards have become very popular in the UK since the introduction of the Roaming SIM cards by M2M Secuirty SIMs.

Powered by JT M2M this special open roaming SIM card that is inserted into the modem enclosure in the meter and means that Smart Meter will automatically connect to the strongest GPRS signal from any one of four UK GPRS Networks; Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere (previously Orange & T-Mobile). 

Why choose M2M Security SIMs?

  • Automatic connection to the strongest of four UK GPRS Networks
  • If one network is unavailable the smart meter will automatically connect to the next strongest one
  • The power to select a Network of your choice, from Vodafone, O2, Orange or T-Mobile (Everything Everywhere)
  • If the network automatically selected by the terminal is congested, you can manually swap to a different one

We are now seeing a number of ranges of meters with advanced GSM integrated smart meters for load profiling and AMR. These meters are standalone units that communicate directly with the data collection facility using the mobile phone network. The method of communication across this infrastructure can be SMS (short messaging service), data call, or GPRS. Enabling the meters for remote communications is done by inserting a SIM card to into the modem enclosure in the meter. 

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