GPRS Roaming SIM card for Card Payment Terminals

M2M Security SIMs are the leading provider in the GPRS Roaming SIM card for Card Payment Terminals.

The JT M2M GPRS Roaming SIM card is designed for GPRS Mobile Terminals that depend on highly secure transactions that automatically connect to the strongest GPRS signal from any one of five UK GPRS Networks; Vodafone, O2, 3 (Hutchison 3G ) and Everything Everywhere (previously Orange & T-Mobile).

Why choose M2M Security SIM Cards for GPRS Payment Terminals?

  • Highly Secure Transactions with M2M Security SIMs
  • Automatic connection to the strongest of five UK GPRS Networks.
  • No costly phone line required to connect to the bank, so perfect for fixed locations as well as mobile businesses .
  • Best UK and Global coverage for your GPRS Payment Terminal.

We provide secure, managed M2M mobile connectivity solutions to the Wireless Card Payment Terminal markets, offering a range of low cost Data SIM airtime connectivity plans to meet the needs of our customers needs.

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