Global Open Roaming Multi-Network SIM with M2M Portal controls

Instead of buying a consumer SIM from a standard provider, you can now buy a Global Open Roaming Multi-Network SIM with M2M Portal controls.

Always stay connected using the M2M Portal built-in warning system and have the assurance of no hidden charges or unexpected bills. M2M Security SIMs platform enables connectivity and managed SIMs to ensure your devices stay connected when it matters most.

The M2M portal provides visibility for the usage and connectivity of your connected device via a user-friendly dashboard.  Connect a device with the confidence that costs are controlled by early Watchdog notification processes to eliminate the possibility of rogue SIMs and associated charges.  Other features include;

  • Fixed costs with no hidden charges or risk of unexpected bills
  • Watchdog Alerts to help you manage and take control of data usage
  • Save money with bulk SIM purchases and activate SIMs as you require them
  • Open roaming Multi-Network Global SIM for critical connectivity

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