Global M2M Data SIMs for a Fixed Monthly Price

M2M Security SIMs have developed a new multi-network Global M2M SIM card that connects dynamically to the strongest GSM signal for a fixed monthly price (Please click on the image to your left to download PDF brochure).

Solutions Features and Benefits
Using GSM Mobile Networks in over 220 Countries on more than 550 Networks to enable devices to pass data back and forth, M2M Security SIMs will take M2M connectivity to a level of unmatched coverage (international and cross-boarder), quality of service and flexibility.

Thanks to it’s Dynamic Network Attachment capabilities and it’s tailored information system, M2M Security SIMs value proposition is threefold:

  • Global GSM network coverage to deliver very fast and secure data connectivity to machines, through multi-network Global M2M SIMs.
  • One fixed monthly cost for global multi-network roaming data, enabling you to take control of your data costs for machine to machine connectivity.
  • Daily heartbeat message sent to every M2M SIM to ensure device is still working on mission critical applications.

Discover the many advantages of using the new M2M Global SIMs
We have designed our M2M Global SIMs to offer many new advantages such as:

  • Real-time data connectivity with only a few milliseconds delay between leaving the remote device and reaching its destination.
  • Real-time messaging means there are no delays or non-delivery issues that are experienced with SMS messaging.
  • Messaging costs are included as part of the monthly fixed price.
  • Low power consumption which means battery or solar powered devices can communicate for longer between recharge cycles.

Applications for M2M Global SIMs
Responsive and reliable data for real-time asset tracking, vehicle tracking, remote sensors, current metres, data loggers, entry and exit alerts on doors or gates and alarm systems, the applications are endless.

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