Global Fixed Public IP SIM Cards Launched by M2M Security SIMs

M2M Network Coverage UK Europe USA and Global SIMsGlobal Fixed Public IP SIMs from M2M Security SIMs enables GPRS SIM cards to be assigned a unique fixed IP address to the M2M Global data SIM card.  This address will them remain the same, attached to a specific SIM card for as long as that SIM is active.

By using a Fixed Public IP SIM, you can maintain the security your device by using our secure Private APN, which is used in conjunction with your device firewall protection.  The M2M Security SIMs APN provides a level of security that effectively safeguards users against fraudulent misuse.

A Single Global Configuration
Using the dedicated M2M Security SIMs private APN means devices require a single configuration for use around the world. This removes the need for local contracts and the challenge of maintaining devices on multiple networks.

M2M Security Sims Global Network Coverage
M2M Security Sims global network service offers coverage in the following countries – click here

Private APN
Each device will also need to be configured with a dedicated APN supplied by M2M Security SIMs. The APN provides M2M Security SIMs with the ability to limit the data used by the SIM card on a monthly basis, preventing excessive charges and usage. It also means that usage can be monitored in real-time and files can be logged to identify the most appropriate monthly bundle and assist with diagnostics.

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