Fixed IP SIM Cards used for IMS Track and Trace Courier Delivery Services

Fixed IP SIM Cards are a perfect secure solution for Courier Delivery Service companies who want to increase service levels with full track and trace facility and invaluable management information and reporting.

By using M2M Security SIMs to provide Multi-Network Roaming Data SIMs, a bespoke secure APN network with Fixed IP service brings you greater control and visibility of your Courier Delivery Service in the field with  provide two-way, secure communication in real-time transmitted data.

Mobile Data Connectivity
M2M Security SIMS are specialists in providing Courier Delivery Service companies with strongest signal multi-network roaming M2M SIM cards (2G and 3G data SIM) with a fixed private IP address. Using our Access Point Name (APN) we issue a fixed private IP address to each specific M2M data SIM card, which ensures that IP address will never be changed with the Private IP Assignment system.

Assured Resilience
Mobile networks do fail, sometimes for extended periods. M2M Security SIMs solves problems of network dependence as the solution is based on an open roaming SIM. There’s no network steering or PLMN list to confuse M2M devices. Your devices will attach to the strongest signal available and stay there unless it drops, then they roam to the next strongest signal.  Offering 99.99% resilience with Multi-Network Roaming Data SIMs, with deployment using Vodafone, 02 Telefonica UK Limited, Orange Everything Everywhere Limited, T-Mobile Everything Everywhere Ltd II, and Hutchison 3G UK.

Mobile Handheld Devices for Track and Trace
Inventory Management Solutions (IMS) transform the way the Courier Delivery Service companies can tracks, traces and reports on the delivery of all parcels. Couriers have been equipped with mobile handheld devices which provide access and communicate  data to the depot.  Next day’s delivery schedules are received by the PDA overnight.  For Retailers and Customers this means they are able to track the whereabouts of their parcels with ease.

Suppliers of Inventory Management Solutions (IMS)

  • UTi – Inventory Management Solutions (IMS) create tangible value for our clients by managing the inbound flow of inventory from multiple suppliers and holding.
  • Apptricity – Supply Chain Management software integrates with legacy … solutions for work order, asset, inventory and warehouse management into the field.
  • Manhattan Associates – Unique Supply Chain Process Platform, our inventory solutions provide customised, automated inventory optimisation strategies.
  • SymphonyEYC – Inventory optimization solutions optimize your inventory levels, supply chain and logistics to support a customer-driven service delivery model that lowers. 

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