Fixed IP 3G Data SIM with Fail-Safe Connectivity and Assured Resilience

The M2M Security SIMs Fixed IP 3G Data SIM with Fail-Safe Connectivity and Assured Resilience is increasingly popular with companies who depend on staying connected with secure two-way communication between any device and any location.

What is a Fixed IP 3G Data SIM?
A Fixed IP 3G Data SIM allows for the two-way transmission of data only using our M2M Multi-Network Roaming SIMs so they located and talk to each other via the  fixed IP address (or static IP address) – for example from CCTV remote access, smart metering, remote monitoring of wind farms, telemetry applications, vehicle tracking, secure wireless payment for vending machines, wireless ATM, Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS), digital signage applications and distributed generation systems, etc – between any location in UK, Europe, USA and Globally.

How does it Work?
Data is transmitted over the 3G mobile network using a M2M Multi-Network Roaming SIM card which has been given a dedicated IP address.

What are the Benefits?
Because M2M Security SIMs has its own APN, a transmission from a Fixed IP 3G Data SIM has priority over other SIMs, therefore providing a better, more reliable connection. Ideal for areas with limited access to the internet, a Fixed IP Data SIM connection is also wireless, non-geographic, portable and quick to deploy.

How to get Fail-Safe Connectivity?
M2M Security SIMS are specialists in providing customers with strongest signal multi-network roaming M2M SIM cards (2G and 3G data SIM) with a fixed private IP address. Using our Access Point Name (APN) we issue a fixed private IP address to each specific M2M data SIM card, which ensures that IP address will never be changed with the Private IP Assignment system.

Assured Resilience
Mobile networks do fail, sometimes for extended periods. M2M Security SIMs solves problems of network dependence as the solution is based on an open roaming SIM. There’s no network steering or PLMN list to confuse M2M devices. Your devices will attach to the strongest signal available and stay there unless it drops, then they roam to the next strongest signal

Data Usage Options
How much data do you need? M2M Security SIMS has a wide ranges of data plans from just 1MB to 2GB, we also provide volume discounts on all our data plans. Please contact us to find out more.​

Global Coverage Available
The M2M Fixed IP SIMs are available with any of our M2M Data Plans for UKEuropeUSA and Globally.

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