EE Customers Without Service for More Than 12 Hours

Today EE customers are ‘still without signal’,  after more than 12 hours outage.  The mobile phone network EE is ‘working hard’ to fix what is thought to be a significant signal outage.

Last night EE, which also operates under the T Mobile and Orange brands, blamed ‘Gremlins in the system’ for the outage, which prevented people from making calls, texting or using the internet.

A technical issue has been causing some of our customers to experience problems with their signal,’ the company said.

‘This issue has been resolved for many of those affected, and normal service for all customers should resume shortly. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers.’

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What is the solution?

M2M Multi Network Roaming SIMs solves problems of network dependence as the solution is based on an open roaming SIM. There’s no network steering or PLMN list to confuse M2M devices. Your devices will attach to the strongest signal available and stay there unless it drops, then they roam to the next strongest signal.

So if you are looking for a guaranteed data connection, the only choice is a Multi Network Roaming SIM. With our SIMs you will be able to give your customers a superior service, you will not be able to do this with a Single Network SIM.

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