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M2M Secure Mobile Data Connectivity Solutions
There are many companies who can provide data SIMs with public Access Point Name (APN), but M2M Security SIMs offers something very different. The reason is as we provide M2M secure mobile data connectivity solutions that give the assurance that both information sent will not be compromised and performance remains consistent.

Working on GPRS, 3G and 4G LTE Cellular Networks, M2M SIM-based connectivity is enabling Machines to Machine communicate between themselves be it for remote monitoring, tracking, fault reporting, stock control, wireless payment or engineering works.

M2M Private Access Point Names (APN)
Eliminate wireless security risks Authenticate and control network traffic with M2M APN configuration. M2M Security SIMs provides Private APN solutions, which provide enhanced features such as device authorization that ensures security and high availability, therefore removing possible fluctuations in the performance experienced when sharing public APNs a wide number of other clients.

Product overview
An APN (Access Point Name) is a gateway between a GPRS (or 3G and 4G) mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public internet. M2M Security SIMs APN data solutions are available as two packages:

  • Basic Private APN
  • Custom Private APN

Basic Private APN
Basic APN enables Machine to Machine Applications to access the internet from anywhere via a mobile connection. M2M have our own shared Private APNs that contributes to a secure, safe and reliable environment for our clients. The basic APN package offers your business;

  • The ability to connect from anywhere with over 600 roaming agreement
  • One account from M2M Security SIMs to manage multiple mobile networks
  • Itemised billing reports
  • Data budget control with notifications

Custom Private APN
Custom Private APN enables Machine to Machine Applications to access the internet from anywhere via a mobile connection. M2M has Custom Private APNs package that offers your business a unique custom built APN name, that ensures your devices are always connected. In addition the Custom Private APN package contributes to a more secure connection, along with greater monitoring of and controlling access to your VPN Data Network connections:

  • Unique custom built APN name
  • The ability to connect from anywhere with over 600 roaming agreement
  • Option configuration: Open Internet Access or Network Level Firewall
  • Itemised billing reports
  • Data budget notifications
  • Unlimited users

Once a custom Private APN has been setup, you can access the internet through a GSM network using your unique APN name. The M2M SIM cards supplied will need to be provisioned for your unique APN, which will ensure M2M/IoT devices connect securely critically via your own segmented private network.

M2M Custom APN Features

  • Private APNs: (customer dedicated or shared) for enhanced security, including dynamic or static IP addressing
  • Open Internet Connectivity: You have to option of allowing your Private APN to break out to the internet.
  • Network Level Firewall Internet Connectivity: You have to option only allow a pre-defined exception list IP addresses or ports on your Private APN which will restrict internet,
  • Data Bundles: You have the option to use a wide variety of data bundle on your APN, which is more cost effective than pay-as-you-use data rates.
  • Global Connectivity: With over 600 Roaming Agreements M2M enable multi-network open roaming SIMs that solve the problems of network dependence and eliminate the risk of signal network loss for your business critical applications.
  • Personalised SIM Estate Management: Wide Control of your entire SIM estate across ALL Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and countries, all controlled across M2M SIM Management Portal customer dashboard that has been designed to empower users to manage entire multi-network SIM estates from one simple to use and intuitive interface. Enabling you to activate and suspend SIM cards, monitor and view advanced information live from the SIM across all Mobile Network Operators, control over entire SIM estate to add custom fields, browse, filter and search. Reporting that allows you to export to XML tables from the platform for more visibility, better analysis of performance. Manage Billing with view and download invoicing, drill down to analyse usage, detailed reporting and order more SIMs online. Also benefit from Update Location HLR self-diagnostic tool to reboot SIM and restart roaming. Free SMS tool that’s simple to use multiple network SMS sending to M2M SIMs, for messaging and set up AT commands to modem. Mapping services enable to track location of SIMs., Real-time usage visibility and usage alerts available with Watchdog. Instantaneous data activity reporting plus integrated alerts and data usage capping on a SIM by SIM basis. Aggregation management view real-time aggregated data across pooled data plans.Add your own data/identifiers to your SIMs via custom fields, making your SIM estate entirely recognisable to your operation. Order new SIMs to add to your SIM estate online. Full APIs available to allow integrate with your own systems.
  • Peace of Mind: Justifiable confidence in the integrity of your data, along with the reputation of your organisation.

M2M Custom APN Benefits

  • Security: Industry leading M2M Security standards of all data traffic from wireless devices to customer premises.
  • Control: Using real time state-of-the art M2M SIM Management Portal to control data across ALL Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and countries, empower users to manage entire multi-network SIM estates from one simple to use and intuitive portal.
  • Cost Certainty: By limiting where M2M devices can go or completely blocking their public Internet access you can monitor or eliminate excessive wireless data usage and reduce service fees.
  • Maximum Uptime open roaming SIMs that solve the problems of network dependence and signal loss.
  • Single Point of Contact: Your business will have one, dedicated point of contact and one bill from M2M Security SIMs

Our Access Technology

Connect all of your multiple sites and to all your remote workers with our range of mobile data connectivity, using the latest 3G and 4G networks we can enable your business to gain fast enough access speed to support Managed WAN solutions with anytime, anywhere network access.

Our secure M2M network has been designed with geo-redundant, highly resilient network architecture that supports the world’s largest financial institutions. The M2M ITIL processes define Change Management ensure network development and maintenance is conducted in a controlled and reliable fashion.

Features of the M2M Connectivity Packages

We provide a complete range of M2M SIM connectivity contracts, including fixed public IP SIMs, fixed private IP SIMs with M2M portal real-time data monitoring and provisioning systems, to get your machines connected to 2G/3G/4G GSM Global Networks.

Reducing costs and offering guaranteed availability to mission-critical applications, comes free with the JT M2M service.

M2M Connectivity Solutions

M2M Security SIMs has over 600 Global Roaming Operator Agreements using open roaming data SIMs that are designed to reduce risk of failure. Multiple networks are available in all major geographic locations.

Technology supported include GSM/ GPRS, UMTS/ HSPA 2G Support, Local GPRS 3G/4G, CDMA, EDVO, SMS and Emergency Voice calls.

M2M SIM Management Portal

The M2M SIM Management Portal allows you to manage everything from real time provisioning, real time, consumption, online SIM ordering, batch provisioning, suspension and terminations. Automatic usage watchdogs protect against overspend.

M2M Security SIMs M2M Portal delivers global managed connectivity with one stop access to more than 600 networks in over 200 countries. Making M2M SIM implementation and administration made simple.

M2M Customer Service

In order to deliver the best possible service to our customers and partners M2M Security SIMs offers a number of support options on several levels.

Access to the M2M Support Service by Phone, e-mail and to a Web-based customer portal containing knowledgebase and case management resources to help get you back up and running as fast as possible.

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