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Earthquake Early-Warning Systems using IoT

What can be done to help prevent injuries and save lives for Italian earthquakes? Earthquake early-warning IoT (Internet of Things) sensors gives time to save lives.

Companies like Zizmos are working on early-warning systems using IoT (Internet of Things) sensors. By interconnecting multiple seismic sensors to a central server earthquake detection is provided and transmitting a warning alert to users further away from the epicentre. The system uses a large number of  mobile and wireless M2M IoT sensors to cover earthquake prone areas and uses smart phone and wearable technology, making an earthquake early-warning system affordable.

Users of the alert system can download the Zizmos smartphone apps (Zizmos eQuake) that are available free-of-charge for iOS and Android. Having advanced warning for an impending earthquake will prevent injuries and save lives.

JT M2M Italy upgrade its 4G/LTE services

JT M2M enables IoT sensors to stay connected using cellular open roaming multi network connectivity.  Now with 4G/LTE is available with roaming between Vodafone Omnitel and Telecom Italia, we can offer 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE with Fixed Public IP address M2M SIMs and Private Static IP Address SIMs with IPSEC VPN tunnel for two-way secure mobile data.

Using the JT NOMAD M2M IoT SIM Management platform you can select between 4G/LTE or 3G access for IoT sensors to allow for resilient connectivity solutions.

Please call +44 (0)1534 882 882 and ask for the M2M team or request a call back.

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North American Fixed IP 3G & 4G M2M SIMs

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IoT will become vital to the customer experience for 2016

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What is M2M?

M2M (Machine to Machine) technologies uses wireless mobile data to communicate with other M2M devices such as sensors to connect remote machines. Also known as the internet of things, M2M is now being adopting companies that are now connecting thousands of M2M devices  on a daily basis. M2M Security SIMs is leading the way in… Continue Reading

M2M Security SIMs Delivering IoT Services European Smart Utility Sector

M2M Security SIMs is leading the way in delivering IoT services to the European Smart Utility Sector with it’s global open roaming multi network machine-to-machine technologies and service delivery. The reason is simple – if the device and application are not connected to the network, they simply won’t work. M2M Security SIMs have built a M2M… Continue Reading

M2M Smart Sensors allow precise control for Intelligent Heating Systems

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Stay Compliant with M2M Solar Panel Monitoring and Control

Stay Compliant with M2M Solar Panel Monitoring and Control

Now with the M2M Secuity SIM you have advanced and affordable wireless monitoring of domestic and commercial solar panels,  providing information on electricity generation and individual panel management wireless monitoring and control system solution for solar panel installations that will allow individual panel parameter tracking and control. New upcoming legal requirements require that solar panels… Continue Reading

Fixed IP 3G Data SIM with Fail-Safe Connectivity and Assured Resilience

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M2M enabled solar-powered water pumps

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M2M CSD Offers Reliable, Secure and Stable Data Connections

M2M CSD (Circuit Switched Data) offers reliable, secure and stable data connections for many industries from Oil and Gas, to Utilities and Power Generation for data acquisition, remote monitoring and metering and security. While many data options exist, few can claim to have a good track record of providing you with a reliable connection, M2M Security SIMs… Continue Reading

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