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Internet of Things Connectivity for Africa

The Internet of Things connectivity has great potential in Africa to help solve many problems this continent faces.

Already IoT solutions are being used in Africa to solve the problems such as water management in sub-Saharan Africa, where food crops are often minimal, and the risk of famine continues to loom as a threat.

IoT Smart Farming is helping to increase productivity and efficiency with use of IoT sensors to help increase crop yields, along with connectivity between owners, operators, vendors and agricultural consultants.

African Farmers are using IoT sensors on their equipment to manage their vehicles and tractors to help reduce costs. Meteorological and ground condition data is also being used to assist overcome many obstacles faced with food production.

Internet of Things Connectivity is Essential for Africa

To enable African nations to benefit from IoT applications there is real need to reliable Internet of Things connectivity that is affordable. African companies cannot ignore the challenges of IoT security and sustainable connectivity for rapid growth of the Internet of Things in Africa.

Easy SIM Management throughout Africa with the Nomad IoT Platform 

JT M2M provide African Enterprises with strongest signal multi-network roaming M2M SIM cards (2G, 3G and 4G data SIM) with a fixed IP SIMs.

JT M2M SIM IoT platform provides real time data with deep network control and visibility, helping to remove significant cost and accessibility barriers, enabling deployment of connected M2M and IoT devices across Africa and globally.

IoT Applications for African Enterprises using JT M2M

  • Automotive
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Smart City
  • Connectivity in IoT
  • Healthcare
  • Retail & Banking
  • Industrial IoT/Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Plantation/Agriculture

What we offer

To find out how to get connected please contact us to discuss the unique requirements of your business, so that we can develop your Enterprise IoT M2M solution in Africa.

Please call 01534 882 882 and ask for the M2M team or request a call back.

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