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M2M SIM Data Connectivity

UK M2M SIM Roaming Business Solutions

JT M2M provides UK M2M SIM Roaming Business Solutions that stay connected by roaming across any available UK network.

M2M devices installed with our JT M2M SIMs will automatically switch networks, and use the most appropriate network available. We allow free hopping between all networks, which allows your M2M device to automatically select between Vodafone, O2, EE or 3.

JT ensures the most reliable National Roaming SIM in the UK, with robust and flexible sim connectivity with over-the-air (OTA) IMSI Swap, and provide IoT specific operating system with SIM management platform and bespoke artwork/e-profile.

As a SIM card provider, JT offers all sim types that are come with no additional software to get in the way and delay connection. No PLMN lists, no JAVA code, no Multi-IMSI code to confuse devices and no steering or network preference.

Our M2M solutions can improve performance and reduce costs, opening new possibilities for M2M and IoT applications.

Contact us to discuss the unique requirements of your business and how JT M2M can help you.

Please call +44 (0)1534 882 882 and ask for the M2M team or request a call back.

Why use IoT Connected Device with JT M2M Roaming SIMs

Without network coverage your IoT Connected Device will no longer be able to communicate.  That’s why there is a rapid growth in IoT devices using JT M2M roaming sims on a permanent basis, enabling devices to remain connected with reliable IoT connectivity. JT M2M is a Global SIM Tier 1 communications provider that supplies Global manufacturers of IoT connected… Continue Reading

M2M makes the Smart Grid smart

M2M technology is what makes the “Smart Grid” smart.  So how does Smart Grid work?  Well they include devices such as smart meters and M2M Fixed Private IP with VPN wireless technology. This two way communication allows information to flow back and forth between the utility and customer almost instantly. The benefits of M2M technology… Continue Reading

M2M Security SIMs future-proof multi-network roaming global M2M wireless connectivity solutions for M2M applications

M2M Security SIMs deliver global M2M wireless connectivity, via the most secure and resilient network infrastructure. We provide an unrivalled management platform. With offices in the UK and Hong Kong, and a team of dedicated professionals with the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully help you deliver your M2M requirements. Our Data M2M SIM price… Continue Reading

Secure Wireless M2M Connectivity for Vending Machines

M2M Security SIMs connecting Wireless Vending Machines with Mult-Network Roaming M2M Data SIMs M2M Security SIMs is a leading provider of secure, managed M2M mobile connectivity solutions to the Wireless Vending Machine markets. We work with leading vending telemetry solution providers, vending operators and vending machine manufactures to offer a range of low cost Data… Continue Reading

M2M SMART 3G CCTV Camera Surveillance

The future in 3G CCTV is here Remote surveillance has now become an essential feature with modern CCTV security systems that include software and hardware components to collect and transmit clips recorded to the control room.  CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television Camera that transmits audio and video signals to the control room by wireless or… Continue Reading

What makes M2M Security SIM cards different?

M2M Security SIM cards are designed and tested for suitability in M2M applications.  Specification enhancements include increased MTTF, flash memory with enhanced number of write cycles, additional security options and operation over the industrial temperature range. M2M connectivity requirements have a different range of applications are needed than standard Consumer SIM cards.  Find out more… Continue Reading

Smart Catalytic Alarm the Commercial Vehicle Show 2012

  The Commercial Vehicle Show 2012 sees the launch of the Smart Catalytic Alarm that is designed to stop catalytic converter theft with GSM Text Message Alerts. The commercial vehicle industry has been hit hard with catalytic converter theft over the past 12 months with the rise in scrap value of catalytic converters.  M2M Security Sims are… Continue Reading

M2M Security Sims Launch New M2M SIM SOLUTION

M2M Security Sims is pleased to announce the launch of their new M2M SIM solution. The NEW M2M SIM data connectivity provides the UK, Europe, North America and Global roaming sims to transmit data between remote locations and the end destination. What makes M2M Security Sims different? They offer added functionality which will mean increased… Continue Reading

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