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USA Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare Market Benefits JT M2M Secure Connectivity Solutions

JT M2M have the solution for the growing demand for secure large scale accessible communication technology, thats affordable and provides resilient connectivity for the USA and Globally.

The USA Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare market is seeing rapid growth due to the high level of R&D initiatives in IoT, improved sophisticated healthcare infrastructure, medical devices and healthcare software technological advancements.

JT M2M Secure Celluar Connectivity Solutions for IoT Healthcare
The JT M2M secure celluar connectivity technology solutions for the IoT Healthcare market is set to see rapid growth with the requirement for custom private APN with fixed IPsec VPN to the JT Global network.

IoT Healthcare devices are exclusively provisioned to use of your custom Private APN for secure mobile data connectivity. Devices using the custom Private APN then have enhanced security.

JT M2M Custom Private APN enables M2M and IoT healthcare applications to access the internet from anywhere via a mobile connection. Having a unique custom built APN name ensures your devices are always connected with a more secure connection, along with greater monitoring of and controlling access to your VPN Data Network connections.

Benefits of the JT M2M custom built Private APN for IoT Healthcare

  • Unique Custom Private APN that provides added layer of security
  • Global connectivity with over 565+ direct roaming agreements
  • Option configurations such as Open Internet Access or Network Level Firewall
  • Itemised billing reports
  • Data budget notifications with Watchdog email alerts
  • Unlimited users

Once a custom Private APN has been setup, you can access the internet through our GSM network using your unique APN name. JT M2M SIM cards supplied will need to be provisioned for your unique APN, which will ensure M2M devices connect securely critically via your own segmented private network.

Global IoT Healthcare with a Single Configuration
Having a JT M2M Custom Private APN means devices require a single configuration for use around the world. This removes the need for local contracts and the challenge of maintaining devices on multiple networks.

Find out how to get connected and discuss the unique requirements of your IoT Healthcare application, so that we can develop your secure IoT connectivity for the North America and globally.

Please call +44 (0)1534 882 882 and ask for the M2M team or request a call back.

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