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Telstra Plans to Close 2G GSM Network in 2016 What are the Options for M2M GPS GSM Modems

This month Telstra announced their plan to close the 2G (GSM) network by the end of 2016.   Mike Wright, Telstra’s Group Managing Director of Networks said that “2G traffic accounts for less than 1 per cent of our total network traffic”, and that Telstra have “not sold a 2G phone for several years”.

Telstra  is forcing some users to upgrade their M2M 2G GSM Devices and closing the network that has connected Australian phone calls for more than 20 years.  Once shut down, Telstra is expected to use the 2G spectrum to deliver 4G connections.

Telstra is promising to “… contact customers who may be affected by the 2G closure to explain the changes and to provide them with their options.”  Those options are pretty simple:  they can either buy a new 3G device phone or hope the their device is already 3G-capable.


How Does this News Affect M2M Products and Services in Australia?
Early adopters of M2M Technology will suffer the most as they will need to replace their 2G devices with 3G capable devices.   This will be a big business expense due to hardware and software upgrades that will be required.

The biggest market to be affected in Australia will be vehicle tracking that use GPS, followed by Electricity Meters with 2G Modem, Vending Machines, GSM Modems that send metering telemetry data to head office, Parking Meters, POS terminals, Alarm Systems and embedded devices such as GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield V3.0 (Arduino Compatible).

What is the Solution?
M2M Security SIMs are leading the way in enabling machines get connected with our global open roaming machine-to-machine technologies and service delivery. The reason is simple – if the device and application are not connected to the network, they simply won’t work.

Our customers in Australia benefit from us being able to offer a choice of Tier 1 networks. This includes all the mobile network operators in the Australia and a selection of International Network Partners;

  • Optus  – GSM 900
  • Vodafone – GSM 900/1800, WCDMA 2100
  • Telstra – GSM 900/1800
  • Hutchison 3G Australia Pty Limited – WCDMA 2100

So there is a way for Telstra 2G customers to continue to use their existing M2M devices that are already deployed such as Vehicle Tracking that use GPS,  Electricity Meters with 2G Modem, Vending Machines, GSM Modems that send metering telemetry data to head office, Parking Meters, POS terminals, Alarm Systems and embedded devices such as GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield V3.0 (Arduino Compatible).  All you need to do is contact the M2M Security SIMS sales team to find out more about our M2M Open Roaming Data SIMs.

What are the Benefits of using Open Roaming M2M SIM Cards?
Mobile networks do fail, sometimes for extended periods. M2M Wholesale solves problems of network dependence as the solution is based on an open roaming SIM. There’s no network steering or PLMN list to confuse M2M devices. Your devices will attach to the strongest signal available and stay there unless it drops, then they roam to the next strongest signal.

The reason why our M2M Open Roaming SIMs work so well is due to not having any preferred networks, so what happen’s under normal roaming scenarios is as follows;

  • Device finds a network. Typically the strongest network will attract the device’s attachment.
  • Device, via SIM, asks the M2M network if it’s allowed to attach. The M2M network says yes.
  • Visited network then delivers data and SMS services to the device.
  • If device loses network, it detaches, listens, and the same process starts again.
  • The SIM doesn’t choose or pick anything.

All of this is dependent on correct device software behaviour. The signal threshold of how little signal exists before switching to another network or detaching from the current network is governed by the device that is being used.

M2M Open Roaming Global Network
The M2M Open Roaming Platform combines several elements to build a uniquely robust M2M service delivery engine, giving you access to over 600 networks with complete EU27+2 coverage at very competitive prices in 220 countries.

The M2M Open Roaming Platform benefit from improved 2G and 3G coverage with network coverage throughout world at the best price possible based on smart Operator selection with strongest signal attachment.

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