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Enterprise Security Guidance for Deployment of Private APN by GOV.UK

In January 2015 End User Devices Security Guidance: Enterprise considerations was published by 

The recommendation from GOV.UK is for Enterprises to consider deploying their own private APN for end user device security.  You can now purchase custom private APN from M2M Security SIMs, with a fixed IPsec connection using a VPN connection from our network and your enterprise network.

You then simply purchase M2M SIM cards from the M2M Security SIMs that are exclusively provisioned to use of your custom Private APN use with mobile data connectivity. Devices using the custom Private APN then have enhanced security, users should be reminded not to change their SIM card.

Custom Private APN
Custom Private APN enables Machine to Machine Applications to access the internet from anywhere via a mobile connection. M2M has Custom Private APNs package that offers your business a unique custom built APN name, that ensures your devices are always connected. In addition the Custom Private APN package contributes to a more secure connection, along with greater monitoring of and controlling access to your VPN Data Network connections:

  • Unique custom built APN name
  • The ability to connect from anywhere with over 550 roaming agreement
  • Option configuration: Open Internet Access or Network Level Firewall
  • Itemised billing reports
  • Data budget notifications
  • Unlimited users

Once a custom Private APN has been setup, you can access the internet through a GSM network using your unique APN name. The M2M SIM cards supplied will need to be provisioned for your unique APN, which will ensure M2M devices connect securely critically via your own segmented private network.


The Benefits of Private APN for IoT M2M Security

Security for IoT/M2M End User Devices using a Private APN A private APN (Access Point Name), is a point of entry onto an IP network for a mobile device.  Private APNs enables you and your staff to connect to the corporate network simply and securely through a range of devices, which are used to capture all 2G/3G/4G mobile data… Continue Reading

M2M Security is a Hot Topic

M2M Security is a hot topic due to the cybersecurity challenges faced with the ever increasing number of high-profile cyber-attacks that highlight the vulnerability of online systems. Concern is growing about the adequacy of security and also for privacy, as the realization grows of the amount and value of the information that can be inferred… Continue Reading

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