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How OEMs can get the most from eSIMs

eSIMs help to future-proof OEMs connected business and enable connectivity growth with eUICC.

However, you may ask, but what is eUICCs? It means ’embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card’, which is a feature that enables many SIM profiles to managed without changing the SIM. Is is designed to work with all SIM form factors, including eSIMs.

Most noteworthy, the JT eSIM is easy to integrate into any kind of OEM device. As a result, connected devices benefits from remote ​management to many mobile network operator subscriptions.

Selecting the best IoT platform to enable eUICC is key for the performance of devices.  In addition, this will help prevent interruptions of service to customers.

JT’s eSIM solution offers robust support, commercial and technical flexibility with unique features. Along with real-time connectivity diagnostic and 24/7 support.

Providing managed eUICC service for OEMs means JT allows another network’s IMSI added. Consequently, this provides customers commercial leverage over the life of the device.

JT has access to over 600 global networks in over 180 countries. Enabling it to plays the role of connectivity “broker” on behalf of customers. Offering the best value data plans for the OEM and user.

Come meet us at Embedded World 2018. To learn more about how JT IoT advancing eSIM services.

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