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AT&T have now started to discontinue 2G networks in the US

AT&T announcement that they are now discontinuing their 2G services in the US will affect all JT M2M customers using 2G only devices.

The notification suggests that decommissioning will start now, with a view to complete by January 2017.  This transition will allow AT&T to enhance its network using more effective 3G and LTE technologies.

For more information please download your copy here.

NEW UK M2M Open Roaming Data SIM Plans Launched on 19th March 2014

M2M Security SIMs Ltd released NEW UK M2M Open Roaming Data SIM Plans today.   With UK M2M SIM Data Plans from just £1.00 you can now get your machines talking! M2M Multi Network Roaming SIMs solve the problems of network dependence and signal loss with an open roaming SIM.  There’s no network steering or… Continue Reading

M2M Data SIM Cards for Taxis

M2M Security SIMs enable two way communication between devices located anywhere in the world without human intervention.  Get real time information to analyse and act upon. M2M SIMs give you the data and control you need to transform your Taxi business. Reduce costs Enhance operations Build loyalty by offering unique consumer services M2M Security SIMS… Continue Reading

M2M gets Smart Vending Machines Talking

Future smart vending machine go online with JT M2M SIMs There is now a large market for Internet-connected vending machines.  The core purpose is to analyze in real-time the content of each machine and plan optimally the refill of items depending on various conditions (from sales, to events nearby, to weather). Vending machines provide companies… Continue Reading

M2M is changing the Next Generation Security Systems

During 2013 the Security market is set to see M2M  change the Next Generation Security Systems.  Already their has been a significant growth as M2M applications and solutions OEM’s and asset owners  with the ability to deploy products that can more effectively monitor, control and respond to security instances with real time functionality. With the M2M Security SIM integration there is… Continue Reading

M2M SMART 3G CCTV Camera Surveillance

The future in 3G CCTV is here Remote surveillance has now become an essential feature with modern CCTV security systems that include software and hardware components to collect and transmit clips recorded to the control room.  CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television Camera that transmits audio and video signals to the control room by wireless or… Continue Reading

What makes M2M Security SIM cards different?

M2M Security SIM cards are designed and tested for suitability in M2M applications.  Specification enhancements include increased MTTF, flash memory with enhanced number of write cycles, additional security options and operation over the industrial temperature range. M2M connectivity requirements have a different range of applications are needed than standard Consumer SIM cards.  Find out more… Continue Reading

New M2M SIM Only 5MB Data Plan Launched

M2M Security Sims announced  the launched the M2M SIM Only 5MB Data Plan for just £4.50 Per Month on 1st May 2012. The UK M2M SIM Only 5MB Data Plan are for use ON EVERY NETWORK in UK. Designed to deliver IP communications for machine to machine connectivity, giving you excellent UK coverage, data speeds and reliability.… Continue Reading

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