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M2M is changing the Next Generation Security Systems

During 2013 the Security market is set to see M2M  change the Next Generation Security Systems.  Already their has been a significant growth as M2M applications and solutions OEM’s and asset owners  with the ability to deploy products that can more effectively monitor, control and respond to security instances with real time functionality.

With the M2M Security SIM integration there is a more robust, flexible, and scalable opportunities for the security industry to develop new product lines, lower costs, and simplify installations and ultimately selling more systems.   M2M Security SIMs are now changing the next generation of security systems.

OEMs are now using our Multi Network Roaming M2M SIMs to enable cost effective Machine to Machine connectivity for monitoring fuel tanks, perimeter alerts, cable theft, site intrusion or video solutions.

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M2M SMART 3G CCTV Camera Surveillance

The future in 3G CCTV is here Remote surveillance has now become an essential feature with modern CCTV security systems that include software and hardware components to collect and transmit clips recorded to the control room.  CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television Camera that transmits audio and video signals to the control room by wireless or… Continue Reading

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