Case Studies

Renewable Energy Monitoring and Assessment

The problem of Wind Farms using remote locations

Land and offshore wind farms tend to be situated in isolated spots such as hilltops, moors or out at sea,  away from settlements and livestock.  The reason for this is due to these locations generating good levels of renewable energy with stronger winds. The problem with this is servicing the equipment in such remote locations.

The need for real-time data

Finding suitable locations for newable energy is a challenge.  You need just the right amount of wind to power, so this requires careful and prolonged monitoring to ensure that the energy yield from a particular site justifies the investment.

Remote monitoring doesn’t end once the installation has been built. In order to ensure that a wind array is operating at maximum efficiency a range of key components need to be measured day and night. That data has to be transported securely and in real-time to a control office where performance can be assessed.

Secure Wireless Data Connectivity for remote locations

M2M Security SIMs provides a simple, cost effective solution to the problem of retrieving assessment and monitoring data.  We provide wide network coverage available from M2M connectivity.  With multiple partners we provide a Global M2M Sim Service that is totally secure and cost effective.