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Understanding IoT SIMs and Data Plans

JT IoT SIMsIoT-enabled devices will typically connect to the network using a Subscriber Identity Module, or SIM.  IoT SIMs are designed for use with IoT devices, with industrial-grade SIM cards that can withstand tough environments such as those that experience fluctuating temperatures, constant movement, or a considerable amount of dust and dirt.

Understand what IoT Data plans are available.

There are many options available when it comes to data plans for your IoT deployments.  It is important to work with a provider that can offer flexible data plans that can meet your requirements.

  • 2G, 3G & 4G LTE data plans and SMS
  • Pay-as-you-go data plans
  • Pay-if-use data plan
  • PrePaid data plans
  • Pooled data plans available to help control costs
  • Fixed IP data plans
  • Global data plans

If you anticipate that your monthly data usage will vary each month, look for an IoT data plan that provides a pay-if-use data plan model that only charges you when the deployment uses data. These options will enable your organization to save money.



IoT Solutions Powered By JT IoT

Scalable IoT Solutions Whether you’re looking for insights on how your product is being consumed, the status of your equipment, or the location and status of your assets, JT IoT is scalable enough to manage your wirelessly connected devices. IoT Cellular SIM Cards The provisioning of a JT IoT cellular SIM card is seamless, using the… Continue Reading

What is an eSIM?

The eSIM is sometimes called an eUICC (embedded Universal Circuit Card). The information on the eSIM is compliant and rewritable by all operators. The identification information can be updated over the air, to enable a change of operator when needed. As a result, a new SIM will no longer be required to change operators. The… Continue Reading

NOMAD IoT Platform Easy Troubleshooting

The NOMAD IoT Platform is an automated IoT SIM management platform. As a result, it empowers you to take full control and administration of your IoT devices Supporting your customers is easy with NOMAD. Using the ‘Update Location’ feature, you can refresh stale records in the HLR. As a result, you can re-establish connectivity with… Continue Reading

Meet JT IoT experts at MWC 2018

MWC is the perfect place to Meet & Discuss IoT projects Don’t leave your IoT projects to chance. The MWC is the perfect place to meet up to discuss your IoT projects with our IoT experts. Discover the latest IoT solutions and IoT Security solution required for your application. Main ares of focus include Discover the NOMAD IoT… Continue Reading

How OEMs can get the most from eSIMs

eSIMs help to future-proof OEMs connected business and enable connectivity growth with eUICC. However, you may ask, but what is eUICCs? It means ’embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card’, which is a feature that enables many SIM profiles to managed without changing the SIM. Is is designed to work with all SIM form factors, including eSIMs.… Continue Reading

3 IoT Trends to Watch during 2018

During 2018 there are three IoT trends to watch out for with ongoing adoption. These IoT trends are IoT security, business transformation lead by IoT and LPWAN. IoT Security Products Increase Confidence Security remains a top concern for companies adopting IoT technology. Hence, we will see the introduction of new IoT security products to help… Continue Reading

How do smart meters communicate?

Smart meters talk to customers through interactive visual displays. They also talk to each other and to the utility supplier. Two wireless networks are used to get smart electricity meters talking, these are the HAN (home area network) and WAN (wide area network). The HAN is a secure network that allows smart electricity meters to communicate with… Continue Reading

Global M2M SIM cards for GPS trackers

Global M2M SIM cards are ideal for GPS trackers. With our Global multi-network roaming SIM you can have peace of mind that your tracker will stay connected. Track your car, your bike, your motorcycle, your children, a patient with Alzheimer’s or your valuable assets.  Everything can be tracked by GPS trackers. To enable you to find the location of… Continue Reading

IoT M2M SIMs with Global Coverage

Global IoT M2M SIMs with Multi-Network Open Roaming, solving the problem of network dependence and signal loss. Get the best Global IoT SIMs network coverage with: GPRS, 2G, 3G & 4G LTE data plans, SMS & voice on tier-one networks around the world Secure Private APN, with dynamic IP address, fixed public IP, fixed private… Continue Reading

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