3G CCTV M2M Data Sims

M2M Data SIMS Designed for Secure Wireless Connections for 3G CCTV.

M2M Security SIMs provide a range of M2M Data SIM low cost wireless connectivity using the JT M2M Global SIM Network.  Providing security customers a reliable and secure machine to machine Solutions.

Our M2M Data SIM service meets the requirements of the Security M2M market by helping to maintain reliable low cost data connectivity.

JT M2M have been designed to be a very reliable and flexible M2M over GSM service, that is  available for the UK, Europe, USA and Global M2M SIM Connectivity.  Connecting Machines with M2M Security SIMs brings your business many benefits such as:

  • SAVINGS on your operating costs with low cost M2M SIM pricing
  • MORE EFFICIENT way of running your business due to faster decision making
  • COMPLETE RELIABILITY with no network drop off
  • ADDED VALUE to your clients with better services
  • FULL ASSET CONTROL with complete visibility

JT M2M provides Global M2M Multi-Roaming SIMS that us a number of protocals including GPRS, 3G, 4G, SMS, Fixed Public IP and Fixed Private IP.   Giving you excellent coverage, data speeds and reliability.

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