2015 the Year of Open Roaming M2M Connectivity

What exactly is multi-network Open Roaming M2M Connectivity?

M2M multi-network, open roaming connectivity solution is the most reliable way to ensure your device is always connected. Open Roaming means no steering and no network preference, nothing in our network or on our SIMs will confuse M2M devices.

The reason why our multi-network Open Roaming M2M SIMs work so well is due to not having any preferred networks, so what happens under normal roaming scenarios is as follows;

  • Device finds a network. Typically the strongest network will attract the device’s attachment.
  • Device, via SIM, asks the M2M network if it’s allowed to attach. The M2M network says yes.
  • Visited network then delivers data and SMS services to the device.
  • If device loses network, it detaches, listens, and the same process starts again.
  • The SIM doesn’t choose or pick anything.

All of this is dependent on correct device software behaviour. The signal threshold of how little signal exists before switching to another network or detaching from the current network is governed by the device that is being used.


Resilience and Coverage.  Open roaming connectivity ensures your device always stays connected with all 5 mobile networks on 1 SIM card you  effectively provide absolute coverage and continuity of service.


Open roaming data costs have dropped dramatically, with technology advancing at the current rate, it is much more affordable for new m2m solutions to be developed and deployed.

Why M2M Security SIMs Ltd?

For a truly global solution the first choice is M2M Security SIMs with over 600+ roaming agreements, this allows a worldwide M2M service with the best network coverage option for M2M providers, giving you superior service and improved reliability.

We are leading the way in enabling machines get connected with our global open roaming machine-to-machine technologies and service delivery. The reason is simple – if the device and application are not connected to the network, they simply won’t work.

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